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Adam Hammershoy

Curriculum Development & GIS scientist working with LOF to develop the Runoff Art program in Connecticut!

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More about Adam

Adam has his Bachelors in Environmental Science from Trinity College and Masters in Education from the University of Connecticut. With a strong passion for protecting the environment, he uses his outdoor education background, experience in online teaching, and skills in GIS to fuel his work at Lots of Fish! 

Adam’s helps Lots of Fish’s mission by aiding in the development of an interactive map that will bring together community outreach and stormwater pollution awareness. His experience in GIS and passion for education has led him to create “GIS for Kids”, which breaks down the complexities of geographic information systems and makes it easy for beginners to grasp. He hopes these lesson plans and activities will help shape young minds into blossoming scientists and active community members!

While helping out with bringing GIS to local communities, Adam also helps Lots of Fish by hosting a webinar seminar that breaks down lesson plans for school children from the comfort of their homes! These lesson plans focus on outlining the story of where water comes from and where it goes after we are done using it! Working collaboratively with other team members, Adam’s primary role is guiding the learning process and being the voice behind the lessons!

Updates on the webinar and interactive maps can be seen @AdamTheGISGuy

You can contact Adam at