Fish Art & Slogans

"Protect New Haven's Water"


Lovely fish of all colors and sizes swim down the streets of New Haven reminding us that our aquatic residents like clean water too.  

What goes on the Ground, Goes in the Sound!


Many storm drains in New Haven drain directly into the rivers without being treated or filtered. During a storm, everything that's on the ground will make its way into the street drains and into our waterways. Litter, oil from cars, cigarette buts, fertilizer from lawns and do not make lots of fish happy or healthy.  Learn more

Catch the Rain before it Drains!


Rain Barrels are just wonderful for many reasons!


Promoting the Environment


Art & Advertising campaign for fish and healthy water.

Watch for our banners on the street!


See out google map of Cross Street Banner locations. Did you recently help paint a banner at an event or festival, It may be up on the street!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Our cross-street banners are made from discarded and reclaimed cross-street banners.

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