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Dana Myers

Research scientist and environmental advocate working with LOF to develop the Runoff Art program on the west coast in California!

Science & Art

More about Dana

Dana has a strong background in science with a passion for ecology and the environment. She has worked with a number of organizations to develop conservation plans from endangered fish species to wetlands and even city utilities! 

When she is not working in a lab or out in the field for research, she spends her free time working on art projects to help fuel her artistic passions. Lots of Fish inspired her to leap into community outreach work and spread her passion for watershed awareness from coast to coast! 

Another way Dana likes to combine her love for science and art is through GIS! GIS stands for geographic information systems and is a set of tools used to analyze spatial data. Through the use of maps, she likes to create stories that can elaborate on information in a pleasing, visual way! Dana uses her skillsets in GIS to help Lots of Fish map and tell the story of their Runoff Art!

Additionally, with her background in Environmental Science from the University of California, Davis, Dana creates educational lesson plans for teaching children in an online format. She loves exposing kids to new topics and getting them excited to learn about their role in their local watershed and what they can do to protect it!

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