Lots of Fish projects help towns meet EPA requirements.

Lots of Fish programs align with municipal needs to provide public education and outreach about its storm sewer system and associated pollution sources as part of its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit. By engaging young people through hands-on, educational, public art projects and accompanying presentations, the participants gain extensive knowledge about their local watershed while creating attractive public art that draws attention to this environmental issue is an unique way.

The EPA requires each municipality to take steps to keep the stormwater entering its storm sewer systems clean before that stormwater enters water bodies. This "MS4" has an important required element that towns implement public education programs to make residents aware that stormwater pollutants emanate from many of their everyday living activities, and to inform them of steps they can take to reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff. Lots of Fish programs such as School Zone Art, RUNoff Art, Watershed Mural Maps, Storm Drain Art, and Rain Barrels Art all help your town to meet these requirements. 

Water Quality in Surface waters are important resources that support numerous uses, including water supply, recreation, fishing, shellfishing and sustaining aquatic life.  In order to protect and restore these uses, we need acceptable environmental conditions (physical, chemical and biological) to be present within surface waters. 

In Connecticut, the data is synthesized into a water quality report called the Integrated Water Quality Report. Currently, water quality monitoring in the state encompasses about 50% of rivers, 47% of lakes, and 100% of estuary/coastline. . To find more detailed information on water quality in your town, please see the Integrated Water Quality Report (IWQR) on the CT DEEP website at www.ct.gov/deep/iwqr. Information on water quality within your town is also presented on the maps included in this fact sheet.

Storm Drain Art with an octopus and lots of fish in water, helps public education as part of MS4.
Storm Drain Art with an octopus and lots of fish in water, helps public education as part of MS4.

Causes of Water Pollution

Point-source pollution


Stormwater run-off


Direct Dumping


Air Pollution




Climate Change