Green Jobs 4 Youth

Summer Youth Employment

Lots of Fish is an Art & Environmental Education Program that is piloting a Green Jobs for Youth summer program that includes water related impact projects such as Rain Barrels, Storm Drains, Watershed Murals and sustainable living practices.  Educational components include Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Infrastructure in urban and suburban communities. We engage local researchers, educators, artists and public officials. With great success in New Haven we are seeking to expand the program to communities along the Quinnipiac River. Our studio  is on the Quinnipiac River, just before it reaches the New Haven Harbor where it empties into the Long Island Sound. 


Summer Green Jobs and Education

Sustainable Practices


Reduce, Reuse & Compost

Summer program participants were given a compost bucket on their first day!

Professional Skills


Reduce Reuse - repurposing


Watershed Murals


A watershed is an area of land that drains streams and rainfall to a common waterbody. Pollutants introduced into a watershed directly affect water quality for humans, marine and wildlife. 

Rain Barrel Art


Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property and helps stop water pollutants from flowing into local waterways.

Storm Drains


Many storm drains bring untreated stormwater into rivers or streams. Run-off from yards and streets bring pollutants and litter into the drains. Some people pour hazardous substances into the drains and don't know the harm they are causing.