Team Fish

JoAnn Moran


JoAnn is a muralist and social impact artist. She develops art programs that engage people of all ages and abilities to make a positive impact in areas of peace, democracy and the environment. She is the creator of Lots of Fish 

Karen Higgins


Karen Higgins is helping other cities adopt and adapt LOF programs and Summer Youth Employment.  She has been making artisan jewelry out of eco friendly materials, painting canvas and murals for many years. She is a passionate advocate for the environment and working to better the future children will inherit.

Assistant; all around handy person


Do you fit this description? Drop us a line, let us know why you want to work with Lots of Fish! What makes you a good assistant and all around handy person? Please send resume or check list to  

Party Kidd; Music Artist


Party Kidd is an upcoming Connecticut rapper, actor, business woman, and collaborator in her hometown of New Haven. Party is currently working with Lots of Fish to compose contemporary music with her passion for lyrics and healing our planet. She loves doing her part to help the cause! (@Partyk1d) 

Alanis; Social Media Director


Alanis is a rising senior at the Sound School of New Haven. She is heavily involved in seahorse husbandry research and wants to raise awareness about water pollution's effect on marine wildlife.

David Wiel; Photographer


David attends the Sound School of New Haven and has a passion for visual creativity. Ever since his zeal for photography, videography and art clicked about four years ago, he has striven to improve his craft and capture "the big story."

Amelia Barrow; Volunteer and Website Designer


Amelia is a student at North Carolina State University, studying environmental science. She has been a nature lover all life, and hopes to combine her passions of art and sustainability to change the world around her.

Amaiya Rivera


Amaiya is a student of Wilbur Cross High School and is interested in studying law. She loves music, plays sports and is passionate about ensuring cleaner waters for her generation, and those to come.

Juan "Uno" Negron


Juan is a long time New Haven resident and artist. He is photoed here next to a rain barrel he helped to design, sporting the Lots of Fish T- shirt that he also designed, then taught us and our summer youth work force  how to reproduce. 

Jake Ebstein; Photography mentor


Jacob (Jake) is a musician, composer/arranger, recording artist, educator, IT Consultant and author located in Greater New Haven, Connecticut.  Jake came to Lots of Fish when he was photographing birds on the Quinnipiac River. We are glad he swam over to help!

Barbara Pochan


Barbara is an artist and a gallery coordinator. She is an abstract expressionist painter who works out of her Fair Haven studio. She is committed to a clean environment.

Joshua Vajcovec


Joshua is an acupuncturist and body-worker. He spends his spare time in the woods and working with other passionate folks to manifest things at the intersection of art, advocacy and fun.

Eric David Wooddell


Eric is an artist, teacher and music producer. He is traveling with his life partner Rosie and their cat Seven; living their best lives. He appreciates working with such a great group like the Lots of Fish team!