Green Jobs for Youth

Green Jobs are not just for adults!

Youth@Work Targets in-school youth, ages 14-21, who are New Haven residents and/or attend a New Haven Public School. The program is aimed at providing young people with workplace exposure, mentoring and school and community-based enrichment activities. Early work experiences serve as the foundation for the future success in the workplace.  Being part of Lots of Fish's Art & Environment workforce is a great 1st job experience and introduces youth to a variety of green professionals!

Starting July 1, young New Haven residents will be engaged in a variety of design projects the have direct impact on local waterbodies, public education and awareness of sustainable water practices.  


Cross-street Banner Campaign for Fish!

Street Art that improves the lives of Fish!  Large banners that span the street with art and slogan's that connect and remind us to "Protect New Haven's Water", "What Goes on the Ground, Goes in the Sound",  "Catch the Rain before it Drains" ,  and more art and slogans that make sustainable practices attractive and easy to understand. How is composting good for healthy waterways? How planting trees and installing rain barrels helps to keep our water clean.  

See and read more about our Lots of Fish Banner Campaign


Watershed Murals

Learn about your watershed, rivers and waterbodies.

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