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Art has Runoff!

Studies show that storm drain stenciling works to raise citizen awareness of storm drain connections to local lakes and rivers. In one study, more than 75% of people exposed to decorated storm drains knew where their water went. Of the people unexposed to beautiful storm drains, only a third were aware of their water's final destination.

Storm Drain Art

Art painted on storm drains draws awareness to the dangers of pollutants in our waterways. This video Public Art vs. Pollution; Storm Drain Art project in Reno, Nevada depict storm drains as the mouth of the River. We wouldn't put litter, oil from cars or lawn fertilizer in our mouths, so we shouldn't put them in the River's mouth.

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Mill River Trail - Storm Drain Art

Cold Spring & Martinez Schools

CFE/Save the Sound works to protect and restore the air, land, and water in the Long Island Sound region (CT and NY). We work a lot on keeping pollution out of the Sound, and are taking the lead on extending the Mill River Trail south from Grand Ave to Criscuolo.  The Storm Drain Art project will enhance the trail while teaching people where our stormwater goes. 


Upcoming Projects

Chapel & Mill St #1


#1 Storm Drain - corner of Chapel & Mill St

Chapel & Mill St #2


#2 Storm Drain - corner of Chapel & Mill St

Mill St & Saltonstal Ave. #3


#3 Storm Drain - corner of Mill/ Saltonstal

Wolcott & Mill St # 4


#4 Storm Drain  - corner of Wolcott & Mill St.

Wolcott & Mill St # 5


#5 Storm Drain  - corner of Wolcott & Mill St.

Crosswalk & STOP Mill St


Aerial of cross walk/ STOP and storm drains